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  • Dawkins is well-played by the charismatic Andrew Troy, and the character is a genre stalwart: the scoundrel in need of redemption, a`la Han Solo and Mad Max

    ~Forces of Geek
  • Much of the film is on the shoulders of Andrew Troy who puts in a really solid performance as the cynical Dawkins who channels a great Harrison Ford type persona to give us a convincing anti-hero


Andrew Troy


Andrew Troy was born into a long line of hard workers. His father, grandfather and great grandfather were war vets who worked a saw mill in the Bighorn mountains of Wyoming. Raised in the western United States, Andrew shared that same spirit and at the age of 15 started working in aviation, taking apart helicopter engines. By the age of 24 he had built and established two multi-million dollar businesses. He then turned that same hardworking approach and commitment to his acting training and vocation.

Since then, Andrew has worked in numerous feature films, theatre productions, television series, and national ad campaigns, not limited to: a supporting role in the film “Riot” currently on Netflix and distributed by Universal Studios, starring Dolph Lundgren.  A recurring role in the Netflix drama series Granite Flats, starring Christopher Lloyd and Parker Posey. Recently he has worked on 20th century Fox’s comedy  New Girl and Fox’s science fiction comedy-drama Orville. Andrew has been nominated for best actor awards at film festivals nationally, recently winning best actor at the Portland PDX film festival and best international actor at the Rome, Italy DMF festival, for his role as Jack Dawkins, in the Sci-fi-action drama The Boogeys, also starring Doug Jones, known for The Shape of Water and HellBoy, with an original creature design by Jordu Schell, known for Avatar, Men in Black, and cinematography by Brad Shield, known for The Avengers, X-Men and Spider-man-Homecoming.

Andrew has trained with Eric Morris, Larry Moss, The Stella Adler Academy of acting, and with many other instructors in Los Angeles, New York  and other parts of the U.S.. He has fighting for film and tactical firearm’s training and has trained in Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and other martial arts.